Stijn Dijksterhuis

Senior Consultant Corporate Finance
'‘Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’'

The right preparation often leads to the best result.

Fascinated by the way companies govern and finance themselves I have studied HRM, business administration and Finance. During my masters’ thesis, I have proven that private equity firms that adhere to the principles of responsible investing have superior financial results.

As off 2016, I am bringing the knowledge and experiences that I have gained from my studies and previous employer into practice at JBR. “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


I help companies with complex (financial) analysis, (financial) restructuring, obtain fresh capital and with mergers and acquisitions. I have a special interest in the Healthcare sector, from traditional healthcare organization to commercial suppliers.

One of my strengths is working on projects that are a bit more complex than the more ‘standard’ jobs. Helping the client when he cannot see the solution himself gives me energy.



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