Marten Giersch

Business Analyst Strategy
'Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth - Marcus Aurelius'

In our business it is important to realize the meaning of this quote. We often have to carry out analyzes and provide advice based on limited information. It is crucial to properly assess the quality of the available information. Every statement is influenced by a personal opinion and even hard numbers never tell the whole story.

I grew up in Germany and went to the Netherlands for my studies. At the University of Twente I followed a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and a Master in Industrial Engineering & Management. During my Master I studied at the Chalmers University in Sweden for six months. I completed my studies with a research and internship at a Dutch platform for car sharing.

After my studies, I started as a Trainee at JBR in 2018. In 2020 I moved on to Business Analyst with a focus on Strategy.

As a Business Analyst I am focused on our Strategy branch, but I have also gained experience in the field of Corporate Finance and Restructuring. The extensive quantitative skills from my study background are beneficial for various analyzes that belong to this. Within Strategy, I mainly focus on expanding our knowledge and services related to digital transformation.

Being able to learn something about a new business concept or a new industry and brainstorming with colleagues about complex business models makes me happy.

My challenge is to get more out of my beta background and German origin with JBR. For this I look at how we can work more quantitatively in certain areas and I keep an eye on opportunities in the German market.


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