Lotte Poolen

Business Analyst
'“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value” (Albert Einstein)'

I am convinced that success does not always creates value, but the creation of value does lead to success. When you know what is of value to you, it gives you direction in the choices you make and you can adjust your activities to contribute to this. This combination of intrinsic values and the knowledge and skills you acquired over the years makes you of added value to another. This really applies for us as advisors.

With a bachelor in business economics and a master in general economics I have gained a broad knowledge of finance and economics. After finishing my masters, I started my carrier at a financial economical consultancy firm, where I had the chance of gaining experience in diverse business cases, financial analyses and an extensive knowledge in Excel.

In 2018 I started at JBR as trainee consultant, where got the opportunity to gain knowledge of the financial world of transactions and takeovers. During this period I got to take great steps to business analyst.

Important values of mine are integrity, commitment, responsibility and loyalty. I am at my best when I can work on complex financial analyses and be off added value to the client.




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