Iemke Imhof

Manager Business Operations
'Can you teach a caterpillar to fly?'

Can you teach a carterpillar to fly? This quote from Jan Bommerez is my motto. It’s about your own resourcefullness. Thinking from possibilities, not just sitting around in an apparently hopeless situation. Dare to think out of the box and use your innate creativity.

With a managerial background in process and procedures, I worked for many years at the local government in strategy, welfare and HR then as director of operations at a large national organization in youth care.

In these apparently bureaucratic organizations, I have always looked for new, simple and sustainable possibilities, solutions and customers.

Since 2015 I am manager business office at JBR. My spearheads are strategic HR and quality, these are the same in government and business. Only the collor differs.

JBR is an agency that is flexible and flexible in professional advice. People are the main pillars of our office. A nice mix of youth and experience, gender and culture. Critical and valuefree, don’t just assume anything and don’t disqualify in advance.

My challenge is to put a team together and train a team that will help you make choises in the dillemmas you face with solid advice, passion and a healthy dose of humor.

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