Boudewijn van der Hart

Trainee Consultant
'Every process is different, customer satisfaction always the goal'

Most appealing to me in corporate finance is that every process is different, because no company is the same. There is no standard procedure for going through an M&A or restructuring process and the heterogeneity of this work provides new challenges every time. On the other hand, the purpose behind these challenges always is to provide a proper performance of the expected services for the client. A satisfied client is the goal that JBR and I strive for.

In 2021, I completed the master Financial Economics in Rotterdam, after I first finished my bachelor Economics and business Economics in Groningen. During my master, I shaped my curriculum to attend the courses correlated to corporate finance. The choice for a corporate finance boutique was made at an early stage because I wanted to work closer together with the client. I came in contact with JBR through a workshop at the Risk conference in Groningen.

In my opinion, the most educational challenge in corporate finance is explaining the fundamentals of a company. Furthermore, I believe that a prosperous co-operation with a client can be a key factor to success. The social skills I gathered through the years give me an advantage in that co-operation. Also, I enjoy working with numbers especially while preparing valuation statements.

The thing that makes me happy in my work is a smooth collaboration with my colleagues. Because of the open attitude of the team of JBR I know that I will find that here. The challenges I want to face here at JBR are to strengthen the team and to guide clients through a successful corporate finance process.

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