Our Cases

Tokyo Kisen acquired crew transfer vessel


To assist Tokyo Kisen Co. in the purchase of a crew transfer vessel for the Japanese offshore wind market.


Tokyo Kisen is a towage operator in Japan. The company is privately held and looking to diversify its services. The company got interested in the offshore wind sector thanks to JBR.

Customer's dilemma

Off the coast of Fukushima, Japan an offshore wind farm is planned. In the first instance, a demo-turbine will be constructed. Then more turbines will follow. To operate these turbines as well as possible a crew transfer vessel is desirable. Tokyo Kisen asked JBR to assist the purchase process of a crew transfer vessel.

Our contribution

JBR has mapped the crew transfer vessels market. On the basis of the criteria in force in Japan a short list of suitable crew transfer vessels was set up. The shortlisted parties have been approached to check their interest in the sale of a crew transfer vessel. Eventually JBR has guided the successful negotiations with Veka.

The result

Tokyo Kisen bought a matching crew transfer vessel. The boat meets the requirements and is employed on contract.