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Strategy to realize market potential for Scelta Umami


JBR Management Consultants has been asked to support the Scelta Umami team in determining the market potential for Scelta Umami in terms of products/concepts and markets/customers as well as the operational and financial feasibility to realize the potential.


Scelta Umami, located in Belfeld (NL), produces mushroom-based flavouring products from residues that normally go to waste. Sales is mainly done by Scelta Mushrooms and is concentrated in the market segments soups and sauces in Germany, UK, France, US and Benelux. However, the potential for the products was expected to be far bigger and broader.

Strategy to realize market potential for Scelta Umami, a globally active family business with a unique circular waste2taste proposition

Customer's dilemma

Even though there was still significant volume to be gained in the traditional mushroom powder market, a new concept showed the most promising but still unknown market potential. However, this required a different market approach. In order to realize the potential for the new concept, Scelta Umami needed to redefine its strategy on all aspects together with partners that fit the company and customer requirements.

Our contribution

During this assignment, the market for both the traditional and new application have been extensively researched and analysed in order to fully understand the potential for Scelta Umami/ Mushrooms, using available and additional market research and a broad range of internal and external interviews with key employees, market experts, (potential) customers and partners. During this process, several meetings have been held with key personnel and the management of Scelta to discuss the findings and implications and to formulate next steps.

The result

The market potential for the new applications was determined and the strategic direction and operational requirements have been formulated and the necessary investments and financial implications have been estimated.