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Sale of Schoevers


Schoevers – the household name for quality education in management support in the Netherlands – has recently been sold to NCOI.

JBR has successfully completed the sale of 100% of the shares of Schoevers Groep BV to NCOI Holding BV.


Schoevers was founded by Mr Adriaan Schoevers back in 1913. Until this day Schoevers is a household name in Netherlands when it comes to high-end education for management support. The institute has contributed to the enhanced position of women within the society for over 100 years now. The vision behind its endeavours has always been that people ought to enjoy their time as a student, but first and foremost have to learn to work hard. To this day this DNA has been paramount to the educational curriculum Schoevers offers.

Of course Schoevers has evolved over time as well and today it represents a modern fulltime educational institute on both a vocational and college-level. Also it offers a wide range of educational and training programs for the professional market.

Customer's dilemma

In 2014 JBR was approached by the shareholders of Schoevers. They indicated that over the last few years the financial results had been disappointing and an analysis showed that Schoevers would be better off when integrated into a larger strategical partner. This way they would be able to more efficiently allocate their resources and return towards profitability. The retention of the name Schoevers and its identity was paramount however.

Our contribution

JBR has advised Schoevers during the full duration of the selling process. The key parameter during the project has always been the continuity of the Schoevers brand. An important part of this endeavour as such has been the involvement of all major stakeholders including shareholders, potential buyers, financiers and the employees council etc. Through a close and transparent collaboration between JBR and the afore mentioned stakeholders, the sale of the company was realized within a short period of time.

The result

In NCOI Schoevers eventually found the best fit. NCOI over the last few years has grown rapidly through a few acquisitions and is currently the market leader in the Netherlands for educational programs for professionals. With Schoevers NCOI acquires a strong brand and enlarges its product portfolio with a position in full-time education.