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Sale of Saan Archiefbeheer


Koninklijke Saan, a leading comprehensive logistics service provider owned in fourth generation by the family Saan, has sold Saan Archiefbeheer BV, a top 3 player in the Dutch document management market, to Cintas Corporation. Cintas is one of the world’s leading players in this market and listed in the United States.

In July 2013 JBR successfully completed the sale of all shares of Saan Archive to Cintas. A special case with a particular result.


Koninklijke Saan is a long-established customer of JBR. At the end of 2011, JBR has conducted a strategic review at group level with special attention to the crane rental division and the archive operations. Together, we concluded that Saan Archiefbeheer was an attractive, stable and profitable activity, demanding minor attention from the management group. On the other hand, the archive operations were isolated from the other logistic activities of Koninklijke Saan. Furthermore, significant investments in storage capacity and in the development of digital services were expected in the coming years.

Customer's dilemma

Following the strategic review, it was decided to investigate the sale of Saan Archiefbeheer B.V.

JBR was asked to support Koninklijke Saan in this process. In its 115 years history, Koninklijke Saan had never sold a company before.

Our contribution

JBR has first done a survey to gather possible interest from strategic buyers. Given the serious interest in the market and in consultation with our client, we started a selective controlled auction procedure. Only the most likely buyers were approached with an Information Memorandum. During this process, the U.S. company Cintas came forward as most desirable buyer. After an LOI was signed, we worked with Cintas towards a transaction.

The result

Saan Archiefbeheer was successfully sold to Cintas. Furthermore, Cintas has purchased the property in Almere from our customer enabling Cintas to realize its growth ambitions. Edwin Saan, fourth generation of the Saan family and responsible for Saan Archiefbeheer, will lead the combined Cintas / Saan Archiefbeheer in the Netherlands. JBR managed the entire transaction process, including real estate, and achieved a successful transaction.