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Reparcelling energy grid Enexis


JBR supported network administrator Enexis during the (vendor) due diligence on reparcelling of their network area.


Prompted by the findings of the commission Kist, grid companies Enexis and Alliander started a research in early 2014 to determine the possibilities to exchange grid areas in order to align their grids with the province boundaries.

Customer's dilemma

For the purpose of the valuation of the grid areas both parties conducted a vendor due diligence.The parties conducted their own research in several subareas to inform the counterparty and to enable them to conduct a valuation.

Our contribution

JBR coordinated the vendor due diligence process for Enexis. We guided several teams, all responsible for part of the research, and we informed and facilitated external experts. JBR acted as the linking pin between the two parties for all the communication in the (vendor) due diligence.

The result

An efficient and successful (vendor) due diligence process, in which all parties involved have been able to gain a thorough understanding of the grid introduced by the other party. Clear communication and clear targets are important factors of JBR’s project management task that contributed to the result.