Our Cases

Feasibility study in marine and offshore business


Feasibility study in the marine and offshore business.


Our client is a technical service provider in the M&O industry. It serves various market sectors, each of which has specific requirements. The client cannot deliver enough added value to justify the cost structure of its own organisation. This results in a loss-making situation, forcing it to compete with suppliers in the ‘jobbers’ sector. The client has no direct contact with the end customer, working in most cases as a subcontractor. The client is limited in the achievement of its objectives due to the extreme shortage of qualified labour.

Customer's dilemma

How to deliver greater added value to its customers?

Our contribution

JBR conducted an integrated analysis of the various market sectors and the relative position occupied by our client within these sectors. An estimate was also made of the future customer demand in the various sectors. Furthermore, JBR conducted an internal (financial) analysis of the organisation and its capacities. In consultation with our client, we clarified the organisation’s capacity for change. Our conclusion was that the client would not be able to meet future customer demand. Our recommendation was therefore to wind down the activities.

The result

JBR delivered a clear, objective document concerning the outlook for the M&O activities. Based on this document, the company’s Executive Board could make a decision regarding the desirability and timing of the possible wind-down.