Our Cases

Exploring impact possible carve-out activities


JBR supported University Medical Center Utrecht with financial analyses of the possible carve out of the oncological activities.


To secure the future of healthcare, improve quality and keep healthcare in the Netherlands affordable, various measures are taken within the sector. Market participants, insurance companies and government agreed that the cure may grow up to 1% per annum from 2015 to 2017, amongst others by more concentration of complex high care. To make healthcare more transparent and efficient a new financial system has been introduced for hospital care.

Customer's dilemma

The hospital sector will significantly change in the coming years, also due to the new financial system. This will affect the size and type of care by location. The new financing system has impact on the administration of the hospitals. The University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) is one of the largest public healthcare institutions in the Netherlands with eleven divisions. These include dermatology and oncology. UMC requested insight into the cost of the various departments. It was not yet entirely clear what impact the new financial system would have on the budget. For effective management of the organization and implementing of improvements, an insight into various productivity ratios was also needed and preferably in comparison to other similar departments.

Our contribution

JBR has supported University Medical Center Utrecht with financial analyses and analysed the impact of the possible carve out of the oncology activities.

The result

Together with UMC, JBR has analysed the current situation and developed financial models by department. Insight is provided in cash flows per department, effects of the transition to the new financing systems and input is provided to improve cost analysis. In addition, JBR provided insight into the consequences of a possible carve-out of the oncological activities.