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Careyn sells Erasmusbrug Zorglijn


De, part of Facilicom, has acquired Erasmusbrug Zorglijn, part of Careyn. Both centers offer personal alarm services and 24-hour availability services to various healthcare organizations throughout the Netherlands. In combination with the transaction a strategic cooperation between Careyn and the was agreed upon.


Careyn is a care facility that focuses on home care, nursing, intramural care and social services. Erasmusbrug Zorglijn, is the alarm service center of Careyn and provides alarm services and remote care services for clients of Careyn as well as for other care facilities. De of Facilicom also provides these services for care facilities in the Netherlands. With this acquisition De becomes the largest care alarm service center of the Netherlands.

Customer's dilemma

With the acquisition and cooperation agreements scale and further innovations are insured at the De Careyn can focus on its core activities. In the field of alarm services innovation and scale are becoming more important, requiring additional capabilities and investments.

Our contribution

JBR has assisted Careyn on the sale and on the strategic cooperation.

The result

Acquisition of Erasmusbrug Zorglijn by De and a strategic cooperation.