Our Cases

Assisting in exploration of collaborative future


To assist in the exploration of a collaborative future beyond traditional borders.


The introduction of market mechanisms, the growth of an ageing population, the pressure on costs and the need for new types of housing form the incentive for a housing corporation with a special care profile and two health care organisations to explore the future together. The world of housing, care and welfare is primarily managed and organised from a limited perspective that originated way back in history. Based on a social vision of the future, these parties feel the need to explore ways in which the organisations can reinforce each other in order to achieve the desired social result for their clients. They are supported in this respect by a coalition agreement, which refers to new combinations that can create room for new concepts in housing and health care. The starting point in this case is a total package of housing, services and health care for everyone in society who needs it, thus allowing people to maintain control over their own lives for as long as possible.

Customer's dilemma

Can the organisations collaboratively and adequately fulfil their social objectives?


Our contribution

We supervised the directors and governors right from the moment that they began to consider entering into a fundamental partnership that would transcend the traditional borders of housing, services and health care. This helped answer questions such as: What do you want to achieve? How do you want to achieve this? What is required in order to achieve this? Are there other ways of achieving this? What would that mean for the clients? What would that mean for the organisation? In what way would this result in certain advantages? These answers were ultimately reflected in a plan document that was drawn up by 50 members of staff from the three organisations; the main theme of the document was the large-scale, national development of services so that that these can be offered regionally on a small scale.

The result

An approved-plan document containing a vision on the three organisations joining forces by pooling their knowledge and skills.