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Canadean based Argus Control joins strategic party


JBR has succesfully completed the sale of all shares of Argus Control to Conviron in the second quarter of 2013. A special case with a particular result.


It is a case of a gardener who became captivated by what sensors and computers could mean for horticulture and then started together with his wife their own company in the field of climate control systems for greenhouses. After 25 years Argus Control Systems, based in Canada and active worldwide, became the market leader in the United States and competitive to Priva, Van Vliet and Hoogendoorn.

Customer's dilemma

Thanks to JBR’s work and experience in the sector, the founders of Argus contacted JBR last year to speak about their succession issues and their ambition to bring to value their heritage and the enormous energy they had invested with their 25 employees in an optimal, balanced way.

Our contribution

We wondered whether it was really practical and necessary to accept their sales / advisory mandate as a Dutch consulting firm from White Rock (border area between Seattle and Vancouver). JBR got the space to make a thorough analysis and not to go for the ‘usual suspects’. Based on the technology developed by Argus we were looking for the buyer who could make the next step. We found Conviron in Winnipeg.

The result

This family company (150 employees) is the global leader in the development, production and sale of plant growth chambers and rooms. The combination of these two companies gives Argus new market channels and gives Conviron access to technology, to deliver highly innovative products to customers. JBR managed the entire transaction process and achieved a successful transaction. Click here for press release