Our Cases

Co-operation VUmc-AMC-Bergman Clinics


JBR assisted AMC and VUmc in the transaction with Bergman Clinics on Alant Vrouw.


Alant Vrouw is a medical healthcare clinic specialized in female care and has offices in Amsterdam and Bilthoven. In 2002 the first clinic in Bilthoven was founded and the second in 2008 in Amsterdam. AMC and VUmc are one of the largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands. Bergman Clinics is a clinic for specialist medical healthcare and has more than twenty clinics across the Netherlands.

Customer's dilemma

Academic hospitals will focus more on the most complex care and the educational function. Basic hospitals and clinics will focus more on common less complex care. With regard to female care, AMC and VUmc will reduce low and middle complex gynecological female care. Bergman Clinics wanted to expand her share in Alant Vrouw.

Our contribution

AMC and VUmc have asked JBR to advise and assist them on the valuation of Alant Vrouw and the proposed transaction. JBR has assisted them in the sale of shares in Alant Vrouw to Bergman Clinics. The transaction also agreed upon the governance and cooperation in the field of training and deployment of personnel of AMC and VUmc at Alant Vrouw.

The result

AMC and VUmc have sold shares in Alant Vrouw to Bergman Clinics.