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AMC acquires shares of VZA


Supporting Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) in acquiring VZA, the largest ambulance operator in the Netherlands.


VZA is one of the oldest ambulance operators in the Netherlands, and was founded in 1957 by the father of the seller. VZA operates more than 120 vehicles and employs 420 people in the Amsterdam area. The AMC is one of the largest Dutch academic hospitals with a highly innovative profile in the Dutch healthcare market.

Customer's dilemma

AMC provides healthcare in a wide range of activities but had no position as an ambulance operator. The market for ambulance operators will change in the future due to new legislation. AMC wanted to know if an acquisition of VZA was strategically desirable and financially feasible given market circumstances and -from an anti-cartel position- possible.

Our contribution

JBR supported AMC in the strategic analysis of becoming active as an ambulance operator. The strategic rationale behind acquiring VZA came from market developments, new legislation and local market circumstances. Because care starts at the moment an ambulance arrives at the scene of an emergency, AMC recognised possibilities to further improve care throughout the process. In addition, JBR supported AMC in negotiating the fundamentals of the transaction, resulting in a Letter of Intent (LOI). JBR organised the due-diligence process on behalf of AMC, and selected external parties to investigate financial, tax and legal issues. After concluding the due-diligence process, JBR negotiated the final contracts in close cooperation with AMC’s legal advisor.

The result

AMC acquired all shares of VZA, thus finding a ‘matching’ shareholder for the years to come. AMC will be able to realize its ambitions of improving care at the earliest possible stage.