Our Cases

Development strategic plan Ziut


Develop in cooperation with the client the strategy to be followed by Ziut for the next four years. Develop the strategy on the basis of an analysis of the market, customer needs, technology trends and match them with the skills and strengths of Ziut. Develop various strategic options and analyze them, select the best strategic option to pursue and work out an implementation plan.


Our client is the Management of Ziut. The market for public lighting and traffic control systems is changing rapidly. Provinces and municipalities started to tender their contracts publicly a few years ago. In addition, trends such as LED, light-as-a-service, diming on distance, dynamic traffic management and total lifecycle costs are getting more important in the market. Furthermore, CO2 reduction and sustainability play a role due to the National Energy Agreement.

Customer's dilemma

How to determine the  strategic options for Ziut for the period 2014 -2017? How to implement the chosen strategic option?

Our contribution

JBR has carried out 42 internal and external interviews. The external interviews were held with customers, suppliers, consultants, experts, et cetera. In addition, a number of ‘new’ propositions were rated by JBR on their market potential, existing competition, match with the skills of Ziut and other forces in the field. Three strategic options have been developed and reviewed by JBR on the basis of a number of predetermined criteria. The selected strategic option subsequently passed a detailed financial analysis resulting in an detailed implementation plan. The full Strategic Plan 2014-2017 was presented and discussed with the Supervisory Board.

The result

A clear Strategic Plan 2014-2017 in which the strategic direction is determined with a well-founded financial analysis. As the plan is established in collaboration with the customer the support for the implementation is bigger. The plan was well received by the Board of Directors (BoD). Details on the decision of the Board obviously can not be mentioned due to confidentiality.