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Strategic due diligence healthcare organisation


Evaluating a Dutch healthcare organisation.


With the liberalisation of some segments of the Dutch care market, various commercial healthcare organisations entered the market successfully, improving both customer focus and efficiencies. After negotiating an agreement with the shareholders of a Dutch entrepreneurial healthcare organisation, the management of the equity fund wanted to investigate and review the commercial sustainability of the business with respect to revenues and profitability.

Customer's dilemma

What is the strategic and business sustainability of the company?

Our contribution

In this strategic and commercial due diligence, we looked at the market, examined and modelled the demand and supply of the business and evaluated the forecasts of management. The sustainability of the business was validated, taking into account a changing competitive and regulatory environment, existing and planned contracts and the patterns in the cost breakdown in the business forecast. Special attention was paid to the focus and feasibility of the growth strategy of the company. The findings enabled the equity fund to draft a term sheet to close the deal, before carrying out a formal due diligence.

The result

A strategic and commercial due diligence report.