Our Cases

Future scenarios for mental healthcare institution


To outline two future scenarios for a mental healthcare institution. The first scenario is an independent scenario that includes the effects of mental Healthcare economic cutbacks. The second scenario is a cooperation scenario in which the institution seeks affiliation with another party.


A niche player in the field of mental healthcare & employment (Zorg & Arbeid) with four branches had a financing problem as a result of increasing working capital requirements. A keener insight into market developments and the consequences of policy choices was also needed.

Customer's dilemma

In what direction should the organisation develop?


Our contribution

In close cooperation with its management, we have sharpened the organisation’s mission and vision. Two scenarios have subsequently been developed; one on the basis of independence and the other based on entering into a partnership, taking into account mental Healthcare economic cutbacks and the conditions for a potential partnership. Profiles of all potential partners have been created and interviews arranged with the most interesting parties. The independent issue price has meanwhile been strengthened by improving the organisation, and the financial basis, through advice and links with our network. The working capital finance has been arranged with a new bank on the basis of concurrently developing parameters.

The result

A solid basis has been created along with a range of new options.