Our Cases

Review and validation of a strategic plan


Evaluation of a strategic plan for an Executive Board.


Our client was the Executive Board of a company that had been sold to a foreign investor. The foreign investor had divested part of the company, but had also undertaken to pay a high rate of interest on loan repayments. The acquisition led to disquiet among the management and several members of the management team had left the company within a short time. Due to an economic downturn, demand was falling in a number of international markets. The management had presented its strategic plan to the Executive Board, but the latter was not immediately convinced. JBR was asked to give a second opinion on the strategic plan.

Customer's dilemma

Were the forecasts in the strategic plan realistic? And were the adverse economic conditions sufficiently taken into account and was the proposed structural reorganisation adequate?


Our contribution

Together with the MT, the strategic plan was examined step by step and its assumptions were evaluated. These assumptions were substantiated or contradicted by desk research and interviews with market experts. In addition, financial models were adjusted and alternative scenarios were developed to clarify the company’s vulnerability. These measures resulted in a strategic plan that provided an insight into the relative certainties and uncertainties of the forecasts. We also gave an opinion regarding the proposed reorganisation.

The result

Based on the second opinion given by JBR, the members of the Executive Board were able to make an objective assessment of the proposed strategy. They were clear as to which considerations should form the basis for their eventual decision. They approved the proposed plans.