Our Cases

Development blueprint for managing large projects


Leading provider in engineering and a winning strategy.


A leading provider of engineering, realisation and maintenance services for a range of Benelux markets, including industry, building, energy and maritime, identified main building projects such as offices, hospitals and schools as a strategic growth market.

Customer's dilemma

Because of its market position, it can’t permit itself not to take on large projects. However, large projects mean large risks and often lead to large losses. The challenge the company faces is whether it can continue to develop without participating in large projects. And if not, how can it structure large projects in such a way that the risks are acceptable and the company can make sustainable profits?


Our contribution

Based on research, best practices and interviews and discussions with the management, supplemented with its own industry experience, JBR developed a winning strategy and defined the future organisation that would support the strategy in the best way. The strategy was translated into a number of business principles; the organisation was detailed in terms of processes, people, systems and structure. A concise transition approach was added to enable management to turn the new strategy into action.

The result

We produced a blueprint for managing large projects, and introduced a transition plan to take the company to the next phase.