Structuring finance (debt/equity)

With sound corporate finance, you can safely secure the future of your business. JBR advisors assist you in designing the optimal capital structure and selecting the most suitable financing institution.

Corporate finance can no longer be taken for granted

Entrepreneurs can no longer rely on blind faith when it comes to securing financing for their business needs. The structural nature of the banking world has been heavily modified. Banks have become very critical and will no longer just provide credit. Banks and other financial institutions ask companies to supply a solid support and risk analysis. Only then is it possible to secure corporate finance.

Working out the application for corporate financing

JBR can not only validate your plans but also translate to cash flow and financing needs. Our consultants have the necessary expertise to advise you on your business finance needs as well as the most appropriate financing institution for your business.

Do you need a sensitivity analysis when securing corporate finance? We can also prepare these for you so that when it comes to meeting with the financier you can anticipate all possible scenarios.

More information

Curious how we can help you obtain and maintain corporate finance? Need an experienced advisor with knowledge of your specific sector? Then contact JBR via +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Important points summarised:

  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Thorough substantiation risk analysis for obtaining corporate financing.
  • Assistance in attracting risk and capital.