Strategic plan

A strategic plan helps make the future success of a company clear and concrete. JBR is an involved sparring partner when it comes to drafting your strategic plan.

No success without a strategic plan

Studies show that almost all successful organisations have a strategic plan. They begin with outlining the company’s ultimate goal. With a solid strategic plan, you can turn your dream for your company into reality in just a few short years, and you will know what steps you need to take to reach this position. With a strategic plan, you will know what the company’s objectives and priorities are. In addition, the strategic plan provides support for stakeholders. Thus, your shareholders will see and understand your actions when realising your company’s dream goal. Your employees will “know why” and important partners can be a part of your strategic plan. A strategic plan also gives direction during difficult or exciting moments in the development of your organisation. These include partnerships, investments, acquisitions, expansion, downsizing and repayments.

JBR’s methods

JBR provides support in setting up your strategic plan. Together with you, we evaluate the market and your company’s internal organisation. We explore possible directions for strategy development and continue the selection process in order to make a well-founded decision.

We will also help you with evaluating and adjusting your strategic plan. In addition, we may, if you desire, be involved in the implementation of the strategy.

More information

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Important points summarised:

  • Clear objectives and priorities.
  • Support from the stakeholders.

Control during difficult periods.