Strategic alliances

A strategic alliance is an appointment between two or more companies aimed at strengthening the market position of those companies. Knowledge and skills are exchanged, but sometimes also capital, technology or personnel. JBR is the expert and involved partner when it comes to independent advice regarding your strategic alliances.

Why enter into a strategic alliance?

A strategic alliance creates added value thanks to the synergy that benefits all the companies involved. Such synergy can often not be achieved as an individual company. Alliances can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensive alliances focus on creating markets, defining or recording industry standards, anticipating or responding to political developments or competitiveness with other companies. Defensive alliances aim to defend or strengthen an existing market position.

Offensive or defensive

JBR offers expert and independent advice regarding your strategic alliance. The level of cooperation, the power relations, duration and the investments involved can vary widely across the board. In order to ensure you do not lose sight of you own interest, it is best to seek advice in advance.

More information

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Important points summarised:

  • Collaboration without loss of own identity.
  • Defend or strengthen your market position.
  • Risks are shared with strategic alliances.