Project financing

Do you want to realise a project and are you looking for suitable financing partners to share the financial risk? JBR is an expert advisory office, where you can address your questions regarding project financing.

Difference between project financing and corporate finance

Project financing is the appropriate funding form if the repayment of the acquired funding depends on the future revenue/cash flow generated by the project. With more traditional corporate finance, your organisation’s liquidity position and business is important. Project funding looks at the returns and risks of operating a specific project for which you need financing.

Spreading risk with project financing

Project funding is often used in public-private partnerships. These include the financing of projects for area development, infrastructure and housing. Industrial projects are often funded in this way, such as the construction and operation of power plants, telecommunications, wind farms and various public facilities. Project funding is an appropriate tool if you want to spread out the tasks and risks involved in the realisation of a project.

Financial advice from JBR

Project financing can be all or nothing without good transaction documentation. It should be well thought out and accurately formulated. JBR can provide you with the right advice regarding arranging the required funding and all that goes with it.

More information and contact

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Key points summarised:

  • Project funding is based on future revenue.
  • Project funding reduces potential risks.
  • JBR provides advice on arranging financing.