Offshore industry

The offshore industry is a very dynamic sector with players from oil, gas, wind power and decommissioning & service providers. In this complex playing field, it is important to get professional and substantive advice. JBR advises companies in the offshore industry in the areas of corporate finance, restructuring and strategic issues.

Dynamic offshore industry

Key issues within the offshore industry include economies of scale, fluctuating oil prices, sustainability, renewable energy, local requirements and a more selective investment policy. The offshore sector is at the crossroads of maritime and energy, particularly as offshore renewables and offshore oil & gas, climate requirements, oil prices and subsidy policies all play an important role. Besides that, there is an overall trend going on that seeks to make the world less dependent on oil and gas. There is currently a trend towards renewable sources of energy.

Practical solutions for the offshore industry

JBR knows the current developments and relevant issues in the offshore industry, and has a thorough knowledge of the market and an international track record. As with our maritime customers, we focus on long-term solutions for customers in the offshore industry. We work for offshore service providers, key component manufacturers, offshore installers and investors domestic and abroad.

JBR provides independent and clear advice to companies in the offshore industry so that they can make well-founded decisions. We analyse the current position of our clients in the offshore industry. In addition, we look at the future, and make it clear where the opportunities lie for our clients. Our solutions are practical, allowing clients to act quickly.

More information

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Key points summarised:

  • The offshore industry is an extremely dynamic sector.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the offshore industry and related markets.
  • Focus on long-term solutions.