Maritime industry

From the beginning of the 1990s, starting out in Rotterdam, JBR has offered advice to companies and investors in the maritime.

Cooperation with the maritime industry

The maritime industry is the beating heart of the open Dutch economy. The Dutch maritime cluster will continue to be an important part of our economy in the future because of its unique location, leading international cooperation. Traditionally, we have a connection with activities associated with logistics, water and ports. JBR strives to utilise the experience and expertise gained in the maritime industry to efficiently and effectively support our customers.

JBR and the maritime industry

Our customer portfolio within the maritime industry has an international character. JBR works for shipping companies, port leavers, terminal operators and shipyards.

For these companies we advise on financial and strategic issues in response to rapidly changing market conditions. We are actively involved in the maritime industry in guiding mergers and acquisitions, valuations, restructuring, optimising financing structures and strategic pricing.

Key points summarised:

  • The maritime cluster is the beating heart of Dutch industry.
  • JBR has been actively involved in the maritime industry for 35 years.
  • JBR has extensive experience in the maritime cluster.