Organisational advice

Organisational advice begins with an analysis of the current organisation, circumstances and challenges, and translates that into possible development directions and strategies. JBR is an independent and professional management consulting firm with more than 35 years of experience.

JBR consulting firm

By receiving organisational advice, companies can become more viable and effective in understanding how and where to grow, making the company future-proof. This requires insight into the internal organisation, market developments, opportunities and challenges presented by the market. Based on this analysis, development directions can be established, strategic (portfolio) choices can be made and business cases can be crafted.

Organisational consultancy method

Receiving well-founded organisational advice starts with an analysis of the current organisation, circumstances and challenges, of course, close cooperation with the client (you). We then explore a number of development directions, drawing out the conditions that are needed to succeed. In addition to our independent approach, we may, if you desire, be involved in the implementation of the strategy, and guidingthe processes in order to achieve the results.

The heart of our method consists of a flexible approach, close collaboration with our customers and the inventiveness of our organisational advice and solutions. JBR focuses on six sectors: Maritime; Offshore; Energy & Environment; Food & Agri; Healthcare; and DMIT.

More information and contact

Curious how we can help you with your financial strategy, business finance and business restructuring needs? Need organisational advice focused around your specific sector? Then contact JBR via +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Main points:

  • Over 30 years of experience in organisational advice.
  • Shareholder value optimisation.
  • Personalised advice that guarantees business continuity.