Healthcare consultancy

The Dutch healthcare market is changing rapidly due to an ageing population, among other factors. JBR’s healthcare consultancy supports entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector to effectively respond to these changes.

Importance of healthcare consultancy

Important factors within the Dutch healthcare market include concentrating and spreading care, more home care, doing more with less, real estate risk, profit distribution and general entrepreneurship in a critical public domain. The demand for increasing efficiency, cost reductions and new forms of cooperation requires the attention of entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector.

JBR and healthcare

Within the healthcare sector, JBR recommends intramural and extramural care institutions, hospitals, ambulance care, suppliers and service providers. When advising a healthcare institution or company, we always ask ourselves: What does a company need to take the next step in the Dutch healthcare sector? What is the strategic and commercial stability of the company?

We validate the sustainability of healthcare providers by taking into account a constantly changing environment. JBR helps them through cooperation or redeployment and restructuring. We bring care providers and private investors together. In our view, the combination of understanding the strategic issues with providing financial solutions is important to delivering added value.

More information and contact

Are you curious about our healthcare consultancy? Are you looking for an experienced partner in the field of financial strategy, corporate finance and restructuring in the healthcare sector? Then contact us on +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Important points summarised:

  • Exploration of independent and collaborative scenarios.
  • Supply healthcare providers and private investment.
  • Strong combination of strategy, corporate finance and restructuring.