Corporate recovery

The success of an enterprise can be decided by external and internal environmental factors. For various reasons, companies can face financial difficulties. Increasing competition or sudden demand can result in a loss, as well as failing management or changing market conditions. All of these factors can lead to rising losses. Therefore, take advantage of corporate recovery measures.

Corporate recovery solutions

For some companies, fast corporate recovery measures are sufficient. These solutions will temporarily give you “breathing room”. Sometimes more permanent corporate recovery measures are needed, which may involve adjusting or reorganising the business structure. In either case, you must involve all stakeholders during the recovery operation: not only investors, banks and financial institutions but also management and employees.


JBR is the experienced partner when it comes to corporate recovery. JBR can compile a revitalisation plan after a consultation with you. A revitalisation plan helps to implement the necessary changes, which will then prevent any escalation from jeopardising your company’s survival.

Contact details

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Important points summarised:

  • Corporate recovery solutions are time-sensitive.
  • JBR always offers personalised advice.
  • Measures take place in consultation with all stakeholders.