Corporate finance

In the context of corporate finance, JBR specialises in valuating companies and business activities, arranging finance and guiding acquisition or sales processes (transactions).

Corporate finance activities and core value
Obtaining and maintaining financing is no longer as clear as before. Banks have changed both fundamentally and structurally and do not just give loans to companies. For their corporate finance needs, entrepreneurs today must at least be able to submit a thorough and substantiated risk analysis. Also regarding transactions, a solid base in the form of valuation is important, and professional guidance when it comes to the acquisition and sales process is crucial for a successful result. For JBR, a transaction is the first step towards a strategy or a consequence.

JBR’s methods

JBR supports companies with corporate finance issues by assisting in arranging finance, valuation of companies and activities and guiding companies acquisition or sales processes. JBR works from an independent advisory role; our fee comes mainly from our time spent advising.

This guarantees the independence of our advisors. They continue to ask the ‘why’ question, even if you would prefer something different. This method has led to a large number of loyal clients, as they come to respect our independent approach and have a long-term working relationship with us.

More information

Wondering how we can help you with your corporate finance issues? Can you use a sparring partner who knows what’s going on in your particular sector? Then contact us on +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Important points summarised:

  • JBR independently guides the acquisition or sale of companies
  • Valuation of businesses and activities in an expert manner
  • Support in arranging finance