When a part of your business is eligible for sale, you often encounter very specific issues. Most of these are financial in nature. JBR is an experienced partner when it comes to carve-out and other corporate finance-related issues.

Common issues with carve-outs
You want to sell your subsidiary, but how do you find a suitable buyer? Which staff will you hold onto during a carve-out? And which staff is included the company offered for sale? The answer to those questions is not easy. You must outline a well-substantiated continuity perspective of the part being sold. This means, for example, that you have to draw up an independent profit and loss account, with corresponding balances and forecasts.

What can we do for you?

JBR advisors will support you when calculating the carve-out costs. Based on this, we can compile a business valuation for you. In addition, JBR can help you with performing the carve-out yourself. We ensure that you can quickly present a sales-ready business to potential buyers.

More information

Do you need support for a carve-out? Are you looking to discuss your options with an independent partner who understands the complexity of the carve-out process? Contact us on +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Important points summarised:

  • Outline the qualitative and quantitative continuity perspectives.
  • Compile an independent profit and loss account.
  • Make the business ready for sale.