Business valuation and JBR

Business valuation or corporate valuation issues regarding the value of companies or activities. Business valuation plays an important role in transactions. JBR provides an objective valuation of companies.

Business valuation for the negotiation process

Business valuations often form the basis of a negotiation process when it comes to buying, selling or merging companies. It is essential that the business valuation is well founded and accurate. If you want to enter into negotiations with a strong position, you need a firm business valuation of your company.

Registered Business Valuators

The valuation of companies has evolved in recent years as a separate profession. JBR also considers company valuations as a separate subject. We therefore have Registered Business Valuators (RVs) within our ranks. This means that you are assured a thorough and professional approach to your valuation issue.

Do you want to know more?

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Important points summarised:

  • The objective valuation of your company.
  • Basics during negotiations.
  • JBR Registered Business Valuators (RV) for a professional approach to business valuation.