Business restructuring with support by JBR

When it comes to business restructuring, it is all about ensuring the continuity of the business by improving the financial structure. JBR offers assistance in optimising the financial structure of your company.

Continuity perspective
The recession in recent years has affected certain sectors more than others. The stricter demands of banks also lead to a lot of questions about business restructuring and corporate finance. Both on behalf of banks and individuals, JBR advises companies with an uncertain continuity perspective in terms of optimising the company’s financial structure and restoring profitability.

Support from JBR

Since the early 1990s, JBR has played an important role in the business restructuring of companies that have been in dire straits financially. Solving these issues requires intense collaboration between multiple disciplines. At JBR, consultants work hard to analyse the company’s market perspective, and we also have advisers who can optimise the financial structure of the company. Our clients are very keen on our broad skillset and spreading the word about our expertise.

More information and contact

Wondering what JBR can offer as a partner in business restructuring? Do you need an advisor who knows what is happening in your sector? Contact us on +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Important points summarised:

  • More than 20 years of experience in business restructuring.
  • Advice that focuses on continuity.
  • Optimising the financial structure of your business.