Acquisition advice

Selling your company or just buying an existing company? Corporate acquisition is not an easy task. JBR is the experienced and independent partner when it comes to your questions regarding mergers and acquisitions. We offer expert and tailor-made acquisition advice.

Sell your company

Often, the issue of succession or sale of the company, built up by hard work and much sacrifice, is complex and important decisions are postponed. Additionally, in practice, psychological and social aspects also play an important part in a acquisition. Emotions and subjectivity can effectively prevent successful follow-up.

Buying an existing company

A strategic acquisition usually takes place in order to improve company’s own market position. The acquired company can be a direct competitor so that one’s own business can grow. The products or services, customers and market share are all taken over. As part of a set strategic goal, a company can also be bought outside one’s own core business, for example, because of a new technology that offers many opportunities.

Why acquisition advice is so useful

JBR supports you with expertise, advising and guiding the entire acquisition process. Together with you, we will make a search profile that we will use to figure out: in which market(s) should the proposed company be active; what structure and dynamics does the sector propose; what is the intended size of the company; and which culture fits. We then determine and realise the acquisition strategy. We can also guide you through the entire acquisition process.

More information

Interested in JBR acquisition advice? Are you looking for an experienced consultant with knowledge of your specific sector? Then contact us on +31 (0)30-699 90 00.

Key points summarised:

  • The acquisition process is complex.
  • Not only are there financial and fiscal aspects, but also psychological and social.
  • Sound acquisition advice with knowledge of the structure and dynamics of the sector.