Acquisition advice
JBR is an independent consultancy firm and the experienced and independent partner when it comes to your questions regarding mergers and acquisitions. We offer expert and tailor-made acquisition advice.


Business restructuring
JBR has more than 30 years of experience in business restructuring and debt advisory. We would like to assist you in improving the financial structure of your company.
Business valuation
Business valuation or corporate valuation plays an important role in transactions. The objective valuations of our Registered Business Valuators (RVs) provide an excellent base during negotiations.


The sale of a business requires a solid carve-out strategy. JBR is an experienced party when it comes to carve-outs and other corporate finance-related issues.
Consultancy issues
Consultancy issues demand deeper knowledge of sectors, markets and methods. JBR consulting firm specialises in strategic issues, corporate finance and restructuring, focusing on six sectors.
Corporate acquisition advisor
JBR's corporate acquisition advisors provide tailor-made advice and support you during the acquisition process.
Corporate finance
JBR is your expert partner when it comes to company valuations, arranging funding and guidance in acquisition or sales processes.
Corporate recovery
Companies that suffer from declining profits must take corporate recovery measures within a timely manner. JBR has been advising and guiding companies for more than 30 years and can help with revitalisation plans and restructuring.


Debt advisory
JBR is an experienced partner with extensive expertise in debt advisory and business restructuring. We support companies in optimising their financial structure and restoring profitability.


Healthcare consultancy
JBR is also an experienced intermediary in the field of healthcare consultancy. We have been advising different parties in the cure and care sector for more than 30 years. From hospitals and home care organisations to suppliers and other service providers.


Joint venture
Joint ventures are often complex collaborations in which multiple parties share their knowledge, products, services and financial resources. JBR is an independent consultancy firm with over 35 years of experience in joint ventures.


Management advice
In order to provide sound management advice, it is important to have thorough knowledge of sectors, markets and methods. We are an independent consultancy firm with a tradition of over 35 years in strategic issues, corporate finance and restructuring.
Maritime companies
JBR originally started out of a Rotterdam office. We advise companies and investors in the maritime sector on strategic and financial issues.


Maritime industry
We have been actively involved in the maritime industry for 35 years in managing mergers and acquisitions, valuations, restructuring, optimising financing structures and future strategy.


Offshore industry
The offshore industry is a dynamic sector with a complex playing field. JBR knows the current developments and relevant issues in the offshore industry and provides independent and clear advice.
Organisational advice
Good organisational advice begins with an analysis of the current organisation, circumstances and challenges, and translates that analysis into directions for development and strategy strategies. JBR is an independent and professional management consulting firm with more than 35 years of experience.


Project financing
JBR is an expert and experienced partner when it comes to project financing. We can provide you with the right advice regarding arranging this form of funding and all that goes with it.


Restructuring improves the financial structure of companies. With more than 35 years of experience, JBR is an expert in business restructuring.


Strategic acquisition
The strategic acquisition of a direct competitor or other company can increase the company's market share. JBR is the expert and involved party for analysing, evaluating and realising your strategic acquisition.
Strategic alliance
Strategic alliances can strengthen the market position of companies. JBR offers independent advice on your strategic alliances as an expert and independent partner.
Strategic plan
With the help of a solid strategic plan, your organisation will reach an ideal position within a number of years. JBR provides support in the preparation of your strategic plan.
Strategic policy
Using a strategic policy, you determine the goals you want to achieve in the future. JBR is an involved and knowledgeable sparring partner when it comes to compiling or evaluating your strategic policy.
Strategy consultant
The expert and experienced strategy consultants at JBR support you in developing and determining your company’s policy vision. In addition, a strategy consultant supports strategic choices. JBR has more than 35 years of experience as a strategy consultant.
Strategy development
For JBR, strategy development always involves growth, downsizing or optimisation of activities. JBR has more than 30 years of experience in strategy development and solving strategic issues.
Structuring finance
JBR is the independent consultancy firm for all your corporate finance questions. JBR advisors assist you in designing the optimal capital structure and selecting the most suitable financing institution.


In addition to financial and fiscal issues, emotions play an important part in corporate transfer. JBR has all the knowledge in-house to advise you on corporate transfer.