Corporate Finance


Strategic ambitions translated into success

A transaction is not an end in itself but the first step in your strategy. Or its result.

JBR specialises in the valuation of businesses and activities, the attraction of venture capital and external investment, and the supervision of the acquisition or divestment process. In doing so we take on the role of an independent advisor and our remuneration is primarily derived from the time spent at an hourly rate.

This is an open way of doing business and one that has attracted numerous clients, many of whom go on to become JBR ambassadors.

In this way we can assist you with:

  • managing an acquisition or divestment process
  • business valuation
  • structuring finance (debt/equity)
  • modelling your financial plans


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JBR Institute

At JBR we have assembled a high concentration of knowledge in the field of corporate finance. This will become apparent during a project with us and when we achieve a great deal together in the fields of financing and/or restructuring. We would be happy to share our knowledge with you via courses run by the JBR Institute. In this way you can make our ‘Financial Mindmap’ your own. This interactive tool simplifies and clarifies complex cases, helping you evaluate financial proposals and the like. In addition, we hold courses in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Prepare to be inspired!

You can find more information here on our dedicated website.