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Offshore Wind Outside Europe, Future-Proof or Not?

Newsletter Offshore Wind – February 2021

1 March 2021
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PSA Marine acquires Tramarsa Flota and expands it services to Latin America

Newsletter Maritime & Offshore Towage – December 2020

6 December 2020

Harbor towage sector is facing stiff challenges due to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

The sector is witnessing downward pressure from the maritime industry in line with declining demand and in-turn downfall in the manufacturing activities.

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Newsletter Maritime & Offshore SUBSEA - September 2020 1

Newsletter Maritime & Offshore SUBSEA – September 2020

6 September 2020

By the start of this year the world was hit by a disruptive wave – COVID- 19.

The shipping sector also has experienced dramatic change in recent months.

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Offshore Wind Outside Europe, Future-Proof or Not? 1

Offshore Wind Outside Europe, Future-Proof or Not?

5 December 2019

With the world moving away from fossil fuels such as oil and gas, interest in wind energy in general and in offshore wind energy, in Europe and the rest of the world, in particular has considerably increased. Interest in offshore wind is part of a broader movement to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix and to reduce gas emissions. What are these new offshore wind developments outside Europe? What are the main issues to be solved?

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Flexibiliteit en hybride zijn de toekomst. Deel 6 uit de serie over alternatieven voor scheepsbrandstoffen.

Flexibility and hybrid have the (distant) future. Part 6 about alternatives to marine fuels.

15 November 2019
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Technologies for clean sailing. Part 5 from the series about alternatives to marine fuels. 1

Technologies for clean sailing. Part 5 about alternatives to marine fuels.

15 November 2019
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The potential of the synthetic fuels ammonia and methanol. Part 4 about alternatives to marine fuels.

15 November 2019
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Is waterstof het nieuwe gas?

Is hydrogen the alternative to gas? Part 3 about alternatives to marine fuels.

15 November 2019
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Kansen voor Nederland om koploper te worden in de levering van laag-zwavelige brandstoffen

Opportunities for NL to become a leading supplier of low-sulfur fuels. Part 2 about alternatives to marine fuels.

15 November 2019
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Flexible future? Part 1 of a series about alternatives to marine fuels 5

Flexible future? Part 1 of a series about alternatives to marine fuels

15 November 2019
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Newsletter Tank terminals  - GMAP Maritime & Offshore September 2019

Newsletter Tank terminals – GMAP Maritime & Offshore September 2019

6 September 2019

Energy companies use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines.

Global growth in energy demand and a change in product mix in coming years should create new opportunities for storage services.

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JBR advises maritime services firm Boskalis on Horizon buy in the UAE

11 March 2019

In February 2019 the Dutch maritime services provider Royal Boskalis has acquired a majority stake in UAE geotech company the Horizons Group, with strategy and corporate finance firm JBR among the advisors. The Horizon Group primarily operates in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea with the provision of geophysical surveys and geotechnical services

The M&A firm's deal team, which has come to be a trusted advisor to Boskalis in recent times, consisted of Kees van Biert, Rick ter Maat, and Mirthe van Schrojenstein Lantman.

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Strategy 1

A shift in desired shipbuilding locations ensures suppliers must increasingly focus on China

1 May 2018

In the last couple of decades there has been a shift in shipbuilding activity from Europe to Asia, where Japan, Korea and China are the most important shipbuilding nations. In the last two decades China has become the world’s most important shipbuilder.

This is mainly caused by the building of container vessels and bulk carriers and also increasingly offshore vessels. Whereas European shipbuilding is increasingly focused on passenger ships and leisure yachts.

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Circulaire economie als alternatief voor ontmanteling olieplatformen

Circular economy as alternative for decommissioning oil platforms

15 March 2016

In the near future approximately 250 oil platforms need to be decommissioned in the European waters. Oil companies are not excited to spend money on this extensive transformation project where costs could excell to $60 billion in 2040. Circular economy could be a result.

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Ronde tafel circulaire decommissioning

Round table circular decommissioning

17 February 2016

Recently, JBR organised a Round Table discussion together with Eco-effective Strategies and CRS Holland. Theme was circular decommissioning. Key question was whether the concept of circular economy could provide a catalyst for the decommissioning market in the North Sea. This presentation provides an insight into the decommissioning markets and its players.

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Circulaire businessmodellen voor decommissioning 12

Concept of circular economy

1 February 2016

Eco-Effective Strategies shows that the concept of circular economy may lead to new insights on the issue surrounding offshore platforms in the North Sea. Current platforms can be reused for other economic purposes, such as energy production and aquaculture.

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Accucentrale valt op lange termijn tussen wal en schip

New challenges with regards to the storage of electricity

29 December 2015

Due to the rapidly expanding renewable energy capacity in the Netherlands, new challenges with regards to the storage of electricity are to be expected. AES Energy Storage has responded to these challenges by building an battery-based energy storage in the Netherlands. However, it remains to be seen whether this initiative is based on a viable long-term business case.

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Lage olieprijs leidt tot nieuwe realiteit offshore-industrie

Low oil prices lead to new reality for offshore industry

29 September 2015

The sharp fall in oil prices has far reaching consequences for the oil industry. The price of crude oil is determined by supply and demand. This article explains some fundamental developments that influence the demand and supply of the oil market.

For the next 25 years the developments in the oil market are forecasted based on the change in the energy mix and the geopolitical situation. Finally, some considerations are described for companies active in the oil industry.

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Offshore sector deint mee met de olieprijs

The offshore sector drives on the oilprices

11 July 2015

Recently JBR organized an offshore meeting about the fluctuating oil price. 18 executives from the offshore sector attended the event. Sijbren de Jong, strategic analyst at HCSS, opened the event with a presentation about geopolitical influences on the oil price. Peter Waaijer then presented the vision of Dyas, an investor in oil and gas fields.

The final presentation was held by Mirthe van Schrojenstein Lantman and Jeroen van Leeuwen, both consultant at JBR. They discussed the direct effects of the fluctuating oil price on the offshore sector and they presented the vision of JBR. The event concluded with a discussion. All attendees agreed that the offshore sector faces tense times and that the recent drop in the oil price is structural. “We will not reach the $100 per barrel again in the near future”.

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Distressed M&A in verpleeg- en zorgmarkt op komst

Distressed M&A in care market

14 May 2015

A lot of companies in the care market are facing financial problems as a result of changing laws and regulations. For some companies consolidation is the only option to survive.

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Cable Recovery Services Holland

Cable Recovery Services Holland

15 February 2015

CRS Holland focuses on the decommissioning of subsea cable systems, a young business that has been developed since 2009. CRS Holland illustrates that a circular approach can go hand in hand with the objectives of a commercial company.

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De stuurlui staan aan wal

Crewless vessels

1 February 2015

It might take some time but the crewless vessel will sail the oceans. No crew means no more cabins, so more space for cargo and slow steaming because this is more cost efficient.

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JBR: Ronde Tafel Offshore groot succes

JBR Offshore meeting

29 October 2014

Op 22 oktober jl. vond de Ronde Tafel Offshore plaats op het nieuwe kantoor van JBR aan het Rond in Zeist. Te gast was een kleine 15 tal toonaangevende relaties van JBR uit de offshore en maritieme wereld. Onder leiding van BNR dagvoorzitter Hester van Dijk werd het thema “Winning strategies of niche players versus the strength of conglomerates within the maritime and offshore sector” uitgediept.

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