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A shift in desired shipbuilding locations ensures suppliers must increasingly focus on China

1 May 2018

In the last couple of decades there has been a shift in shipbuilding activity from Europe to Asia, where Japan, Korea and China are the most important shipbuilding nations. In the last two decades China has become the world’s most important shipbuilder.

This is mainly caused by the building of container vessels and bulk carriers and also increasingly offshore vessels. Whereas European shipbuilding is increasingly focused on passenger ships and leisure yachts.

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Vekoma verkocht aan Sansei Technologies Inc.

Vekoma acquired by Sansei Technologies Inc.

30 March 2018

JBR is pleased to announce that the shares of Vekoma Rides have been sold to Sansei Technologies Inc.

JBR supported the shareholders throughout the entire process.

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ICMCI awards CMC Firm designation to trio of Dutch consultancies 1

ICMCI awards CMC Firm designation to trio of Dutch consultancies

19 February 2018

In the summer of 2017 JBR became an "Accredited Consulting Practice" (ACP) and managing partner Ronald van Rijn joined the select group of Certified Management Consultants (CMC).

On the English website an extensive article was published concerning the first three Dutch CMC consultancies, including JBR, underlining the unique position of our firm.

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Deal flash: Public lighting expert Ziut acquired by SPIE Nederland

Deal flash: Public lighting expert Ziut acquired by SPIE Nederland

14 September 2017
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Deal flash: Gimv made a significant investment in Snack Connection

1 September 2017
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Offshore aquacultuur: kansrijke belofte of de volgende hype?

Offshore aquaculture: fruitful promise or the next hype?

29 June 2017

By 2030, the world population is estimated to reach around 8.5 billion people and then grow to around 9.7 billion people by 2050. With this growth, demand for protein (vegetable, meat and fish) is also increasing significantly. Although about 70% of our earth is made up of water, the sea currently provides us with about 5% in our food supply.

According to Mirthe Lantman is a more intensive use of (offshore) acquaculture indispensable in order to meet the future need for food. These developments provide opportunities for suppliers in the maritime and offshore sectors.

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JBR vormt een internationaal fusie- en overnameforum toegespitst op de maritieme en offshore sector 4

JBR forms an international mergers and acquisition forum focused on the maritime and offshore sector

21 June 2017

JBR has taken the lead in setting up an international maritime and offshore forum on mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, the Global M&A Maritime and Offshore Forum.

This collaboration takes place within the international Global M&A network, of which JBR is the Dutch partner. Besides JBR seven other offices are part of this Forum.

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Deal flash: VMT Ecopack is successfully sold to conTeyor

Deal flash: VMT Ecopack is successfully sold to conTeyor

14 June 2017

On 2 June 2017, VMT Ecopack was sold to conTeyor, a participation of Down2Earth Capital.

JBR Corporate Finance acted as M&A advisor to VMT Ecopack.

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Voornemen Trump helpt kolensector VS amper vooruit

Deregulation will barely improve the position of coal producers in the United States

3 April 2017

President Donald Trump has the intention to support the US fossil energy sector by deregulation of environmental legislation.

However this will not have the desired result on the precarious situation of coal producers in the US, because the president neglects the main destabilizing factors, namely market forces, says Joris Govers.

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Deal flash: Ojah sold to Korys

Deal flash: Ojah sold to Korys.

16 February 2017

On February 13th 2017 the nine shareholders of Ojah bv sold their shares to Korys Investments.

JBR was mandated to find a new shareholder for the next (scale up) phase in the lifecycle of Ojah.

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Dealflash: Majority of Compacon sold to Plato Group

Deal flash: Majority of Compacon sold to Plato Group

14 February 2017

On December 31st, 2016 Ton Löbker and Raymond Vos, founders of Compacon bv sold their shares in the company.

JBR Corporate Finance acted as M&A advisor to Compacon bv.

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Ronde tafel: Mogelijkheden in energiesector in Iran

Roundtable: Opportunities in the energy sector in Iran

7 February 2017

Investing in Iran has the interest of many companies, especially for companies in the energy sector. Now the ways to the country are open it is expected that investment in this sector will boost and that a lot of knowledge will be purchased abroad.. At JBR, we feel the urgency to explore the potential of this country.

Therefor JBR organized a Round Table about the opportunities in the energy sector in Iran: it turned out to be a perfect opportunity to discuss the possibilities with experts and to exchange opportunities with each other.

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