About JBR

Analytical thinking based on practical experience.

We are an independent consultancy firm with over 35 years’ experience in strategic planning, corporate finance and restructuring. This applies in the broadest sense, albeit with a specific focus on six sectors in which we are thoroughly established. Our experience makes JBR an excellent discussion partner and enables us to translate sharp analyses into your company’s daily practice. Realistic, energetic and hands on, JBR will help ensure the continuity of your business in order to (re)achieve growth or navigate stormy weather.

Our clients are decision makers in listed companies, family businesses, investment institutions and banks, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In order to facilitate our international activities, we are active within a worldwide network.

JBR is a member of the ROA (Dutch Raad van Organisatie Adviesbureaus: association of management consulting firms), registered with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and both ISO and ACP certified. In addition, we are affiliated to Global M&A Partners, an international network of 34 corporate finance consulting firms, as well as the DFCA (Dutch Corporate Finance Association) and the TMA (Turnaround Management Association). Managing partner Ronald van Rijn is member of the European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (EACTP) and JBR has two Registered Valuators (members of the NIRV, Dutch institute for Registered Valuators).



You can count on JBR to provide clear and independent thinking and advice that goes way beyond the abstract, setting you on a path towards new opportunities and providing a clear perspective, in which our corporate finance specialists translate the financial aspect of the strategy and place the corporate finance issues in a strategic context. This reflects our belief in a flexible approach with multidisciplinary teams and close cooperation, resulting in longstanding relationships.

What can JBR do for you? We are here for all those thorny, time-consuming problems which require endless deliberation. How much should you pay for the acquisition? Should you order your vessels in China or the Netherlands? Will the investment pay for itself? Should you finance growth with equity or debt? JBR helps you see all scenarios more clearly in order to come to a responsible and carefully considered decision.

We know the dilemmas you are facing and help you base your decisions on sound thinking. We have the best and brightest minds on board. And we know your world through and through. This lets us cut the most complex issues down to their core. If you can use some extra thought and imagination, we’re here to think along with you.

Good Thinking. JBR.


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