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Marc Derksen


"Creativity and imagination applied in a business context equals innovation"

My interest and experience lies in the organic growth of companies in a wide range of branches and industries. Growth in terms of margin, return, customer value and opportunities. Organic in a way that shareholder value is created from within the company, based on the company's own core competences.
I am convinced that innovation and creativity are critical to the future success of companies. Not as goals on their own, but rather integrated into the corporate strategy alongside productivity and efficiency. As a strategy consultant, I like to work closely with my clients on formulating strategy and on translating this strategy into operational terms based on the philosophy: "You can't manage what you can't measure and you can't measure what you can't describe".

Marc Derksen

E-mail: m.derksen@jbr.nl
Services: Restructuring/Debt AdvisoryStrategy
Sectors: OffshoreFood and AgricultureTIMEMaritime